Things I Do


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I suppose I should tell you what I do; though most of you will just move on!
        I take photographs, that's obvious, but I also manipulate images. It would be nice to say that the majority of my work is designing some futuristic scene, or idyllic landscape, but the truth is very different. Most of my week is usually taken up with repairing pictures of someone's granny that has spent the last 40 years at the back of a drawer, or even worse, in some one's pocket. If I am lucky the client (that could be you) asks for something a little more challenging. Possibly combining two or more images, adding or removing things or people, even? If you can think it, I probably have tried to do it photographically. I sometimes am even asked to take photographs.

        Is any of this remotely of interest to you? Just contact me and we can talk through your problem. Don't ask what I charge, it all depends upon how long it takes to complete the task. In most cases this will be less than one hour, though I would be foolish to guess before seeing your picture if it's repair work. You could always hire me for half a day if you actually require some photography done, though forget it if you are planning a wedding, that is definitely something I don't want to do! 

 If you must talk to me, kick the dog